Wise Woman Travel

Exploring the world from a female perspective

She was afraid of heights

but she was

much more afraid

of never flying. 

                            – Atticus

When women go exploring, around their local communities or around the world, they tend to do it differently than men do.

All right, I know that sounds like a generalization. But research within the travel industry is showing that women are often the travel planners for their spouses and children. When they travel without their families – a phenomenon that is on the rise – they frequently look for new experiences, ones where they can make connections with locals and other travelers. At the same time, their personal safety and security on the road is often a concern.

As the one who usually plans the trips I take with my husband, as well as a seasoned solo traveller, I’ll help you to address the fears that are holding you back from taking that bucket list trip . Together, we’ll develop a strategy that will help you to feel more confident about travelling on your own, and to enjoy your travel experience to the fullest.

Some of the strategies we can explore include

  • knowing what information sources to trust when you research your destination
  • finding accommodation where you’ll feel welcome and secure
  • making safe and enjoyable connections while you’re on the road to reduce feelings of isolation and  loneliness
  • making mealtime on your own a pleasurable experience
  • planning how to deal with the “what ifs” of solo travel
  • dealing with the naysayers in your life who try to hold you back

I look forward to helping you say “I’m on my way!” to that destination that’s calling your name.

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