Wise Woman Travel

Exploring the world from a female perspective

Our gracious, gregarious, grad student guides
Changsha, China

Changsha, China

Faster than any speeding texter, more powerful than any language barrier, able to leap tall orders in a single bound…

Look! Right by our sides! Is it a concierge? Is it an angel?

No! It’s our Changsha grad student guides.

Yes, folks, it’s the graciously renamed Aaron, Mia, Claudia, and Eric, guiding Walter and Pam, those strange visitors from another planet who came to China with powers and abilities far fewer than those required by mortal men and women in Changsha.

These grad students navigate the course of 6 lanes of traffic, find our missing laundry, and bend Chinese menus into delicious meals with their bare hands. Disguised as mild-mannered computer science students during the day, they help Pam and Walter fight their never-ending battles for taxicabs, weekend fun, and finding their Changsha way!

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