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If you’ve found your way to this blog, you probably like to test your wings. Soaring around trying new experiences, taking risks, and exploring is just what travellers do.

But if you frequently embrace the thrill of flying, you’ve also known fatigue. Making discoveries often means getting lost and confused along the way, puzzling over how to integrate the new with the old, and figuring out who you are now that you’ve seen and heard and smelled and touched the world in a different way.

What you need is a rest.

DSCN1800First, find a nice spot in the sunshine where you feel safe and secure.  Tuck your feet up underneath you and settle in for as long as you need to.

While you’re there you might as well enjoy the view. Maybe the sky’s a bit bluer and the clouds a bit driftier now that you’re relaxed.DSCN1794



An older, wiser, more experienced flyer might show up for a visit. You could strike up a conversation, maybe ask for advice on recommended flight paths. Or not.DSCN1796

When you’re absolutely ready, and not before, check out your flight equipment. DSCN1810DSCN1805

Now that you’re feeling refreshed, you can think about what to do next. No rush.DSCN1807
You’ll know you’re ready to take flight when the sky starts to call again.DSCN1809




Head off to a likely looking vantage point for a new takeoff. DSCN1812

And go! Take a look back at that old roof that offered you a refuge. You might want to come back to it. Or not. That’s the thing about flying: there’s always one more roof to give shelter and one more open sky.DSCN1817

6 thoughts on “A rest from wings

  1. Darling post 🙂 I love the birds!


    1. Pamela Young says:

      Thanks, whisperingcottonwood! I checked your blog out this morning, and I”m now following you. I see you’re new to WordPress – welcome! Loved the pictures of the boxers.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pam, so touching in a sweet, sad way and I am with you.


  3. Pamela Young says:

    I watched this little fellow for quite a long time up on my neighbor’s roof. I saw him and his folks and a sybling that night in and among my flowers as I was watering.


  4. Amy says:

    As always, your posts make me think. I very much enjoyed this one and will be off in search of my restful place this weekend – I will soar again next week!


  5. Pamela Young says:

    Thanks, Amy. I think we all need to make some space for doing nothing now and again. To soar is fun but it can make a person’s wings tired!


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