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After an afternoon spent wandering the shops of Positano, a quaint little cliffside village on the Amalfi Coast, I’m sitting at a cafe table, sipping red wine, the day’s ambient heat radiating up from the cobblestones. The sun is just beginning to set, tingeing the turquoise Mediterranean candy floss pink.

Ya, right. My mom always told me I had a great imagination.

Well, the research it took to write that paragraph was fun, anyway. And maybe someday, I’ll visit the Amalfi Coast in person.

But not this year, and maybe not the year after that either. This “lost summer,”as one journalist I recently read calls it, will see me spending my time close to home. That wouldn’t usually be so bad because my hometown of Edmonton has become famous worldwide for its summer festivals. Traditionally, they start in mid-June and follow one after the other to the September long weekend, like so many excited kids lined up for a turn on the water slide.

Again, not this year.

Dreams of the Amalfi Coast aside, I realized a number of weeks ago that it was becoming urgent to unleash my imagination on this summer of no travel.  I dread the thought of heading into another long prairie winter without July and August memories. So, with the help of some of my equally inventive, restless friends, we began to concoct plans for tiny treks and travels, touring parts of Edmonton and a few nearby spots where we’d never or rarely visited.

Watch this space to eavesdrop on our travels. Tell me in the comment section how you’re turning your own lost summer into one to remember.

As a colleague of mine who researches hope told me, “It’s not that we can’t have adventures this summer. They just have to be little adventures.”

9 thoughts on “Tiny treks and travels

  1. insearchofrockgods says:

    can’t wait to read about your adventures! I’ve been missing summer travelling as well and need some small adventures as well. Some of my favorites around Edm are Bon Accord for the gem store, Wabamun Lake, and The Village at Pidgeon Lake. Nanton is also a super cool little town south of Calgary…

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    1. Pamela Young says:

      I gotta check some of these out. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Bon Accord, but I too love Wabamun and the Village at Pigeon Lake. We’re travelling to Calgary next weekend, so maybe a side trip to Nanton would be a good idea.

      If you ever want to join one of my tiny treks and travels around Edmonton, you know where I am!


      1. insearchofrockgods says:

        I recommend Nanton – though maybe check out to see if anything is open during COVID, lol. I would love to join you on some tiny treks! Let me know when and where 😀


  2. Amy Weaver says:

    What a great post – I look forward to following your small journeys – but I have to say, you used a phrase that just tickled me pink – “like so many excited kids lined up for a turn on the water slide”. How descriptive, how evocative of summer – I love your writing and am very much looking forward to more!

    As for what I am doing this summer – puttering in my garden, getting my house in order and really connecting with my kids. It’s been kind of lovely actually – other than missing my west coast trip and family and friends there.

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    1. Pamela Young says:

      Thanks so much for the compliment on the metaphor, Amy. One of my favorite summer sounds is kids at an outdoor pool. Missing that this year, but happy to hear the little voices of the pre-schoolers playing in their front yards on my block. You know, I think you’re puttering and getting your house in order and connecting with your kids also qualify as treks and travels of the hyperlocal and relationship variety.


      1. Amy Weaver says:

        I agree Pam – connecting with my family has ben lovely. And friends have kept track of each other as well – via phone, text and Facebook.

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  3. dbegoray@uvic.ca says:

    Such a great idea! Everyone needs a summer project and travelling locally sounds like just the Passport to Adventure you need.

    Looking forward to more posts.

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